Best Dishes "Must-try" in Quang Binh

For those who have not heard of Quảng Bình province, you might want to book a tour here as there are magnificent caves, beautiful Nhat Le Beach and lots of delicious dishes in which it will make your trip be unforgettable. In this article, we hope that our Best Vietnamese Food in this place can be well introduced and inspire for your future visit.

  Tuesday, 25/02/2020, 11:00
Welcome to Quang Binh Province - the not only Land of Caves in the World! When you explore the largest Cave System in the World, you also have a chance to try the best local foods here! It may take you over one month to try all the best local foods in Quang Binh! However, if you travel to Quang Binh less than one week! Here is the best suggestion for you to try 10 Best local Dishes of Quang Binh, you can find them in Dong Hoi City or Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park! Now, let`s try!

1. Rice Dumplings With Meat And Shrimp - "Banh Bot Long - Banh Nam"

Banh loc is the very delicacy you cannot miss when coming to Quang Binh. The dish is really cheap, about 2,000 VND/ piece of Banh loc, and 3,000 VND/ piece of Banh nam. But the pleasant taste blended of glutinous rice and the umami of pork and shrimp will surely amaze you! This super desirable taste can make you eat dozens of Banh loc and Banh nam without any intending to stop, I bet!

2. Noodle Soup Porridge - "Chao Banh Canh"

A bowl of noodle soup porridge is cooked from rolled wheat or rice noodles, with snakehead fish, shrimp, and crab. This specialty will make you craving for its savoury thick broth, soft noodles, and a little fresh green from chopped vegetables, added with some spicy flavor. This soup is very favored by Quang Binh tourists.
When enjoying this dish, Quang Binh people often eat it with ‘ram’ (small fried spring rolls), while in other places they often serve it with Vietnamese grilled sausage or sour meatball. In Quang Binh, you can try this specialty in Son Thu food stall on Phan Boi Chau Str., Quan Suong Hong stall on Nguyen Huu Canh Str.. A bowl of this costs about 15,000 VND to 20,000 VND, and the ‘ram’ is only 2,000 VND/ each. Too economical for a tasty, delicious dish, isn’t it?

3. Claypot Rice - "Com Nieu"

Com Nieu stands for ‘claypot rice’. This is eaten with lots of different locally cooked dishes, with a multiple choices in dishes made of beef, pork, chicken, and a variety of fish. If you’re out with a group of friends or with family, this is a great dish to enjoy in Dong Hoi. The way the rice blends with the flavors of the other dishes is quite fascinating to feel and eating this will surely be one of the highlights of your Dong Hoi travel. You would want to order some river fishes, vegetable soup and fried egg to have with the claypot rice.
Minh Phuong restaurant or Com Nieu Minh Phuong is one of the most popular claypot rice restaurant in Dong Hoi, and you will pay about USD 3 for a pot.

4. Xeo Cake - "Crepe Pancake"

Banh Xeo Quang Binh is made of red rice, served with cuttlefish, salads, herbs, dry pancakes and dipping sauce. Banh Xeo tastes the best right after it is serves, when the cakes are still hot and crunchy.
In Quang Binh, the best food stall serving Banh Xeo is in the market of Quang Hoa commune, Quang Trach District or in Ba Don market. You can also try Banh Xeo in Nam Ly Market (or locally called Ga market), where Banh loc or Banh nam are served too.

5. Oyster Soup - "Chao Hau"

The province is well-known for various dishes made from oysters. Fresh oysters caught from Nhat Le river are processed into different dishes such as fried oysters clamped in rice papers, oyster sour soup, etc. It would be incomplete when visiting Phong Nha without enjoying oyster soupl.

6. A Variety Of Seafood

Another can’t-miss delicacy in Quang Binh is varied types of fresh seafood with very reasonable price. Tourists can enjoy the best seafood in many restaurants along the Nhat Le Beach or Da Nhay Beach.

7. Khoai Cake - "Banh Khoai"

Dong Hoi speciality is very rich and diverse with many kind of cakes, Beo cake, Bot Loc cake, Khoai cake, Nam cake,…Especially, Dong Hoi “Khoai cake” is well-known in Quang Binh…
There are a lot of stores serving Khoai cake, but one of the best stores is located on Co Tam road with some famous bases such as Tu Quy, Thuy Tien, Thuy Phuong, Kieu Huong…..Khoai cake in Dong Hoi made of rice and passes many processes.
The ingredients to make Khoai cake are : Rice flour, dried turmerich starch, shrimp, pork, bean sprout
About sauce, after making onion fried, stiring hashed pig liver, peanuts, coriander, 5-star fruit, salad, unripe banana, figs. In the cake making procedures, the 2 most important steps are mixing rice flour and making sauce. Because it decides whether the cake is delicious or not. Cake flour included rice, eggs, turmeric flour and salt
The mix stired and not too consensed in oder to make its color beautifully when we fry and it has strong brittleness and nutrition.
The best time to enjoy Khoai cake is after it is made. Eating with coriander, fresh salad with 5-star fruit. When enjoying the Khoai cake, tourist will feel the rice flavour , shrimp, pork and the sauce, peanuts

8. Dried Sweet Potatoes - "Khoai Deo"

The famous dried sweet potatoes are often made from red sweet potatoes grown on ground soil. After being boiled, they are cut into slices and dried by the sun heat for about 10 to 12 times. Khoai deo is an interesting dish, really suitable for you to slowly enjoy, feeling sweet taste of the potato slices melted at the tip tongue.

9. Blood Cockles Of Roon River - "So Huyet"

Blood cockles in the Roon River can be processed into a lot of dishes, the most special of which is the lemon blood oysters and oysters served with fish sauce. Unique recipes combined with the nutritious, juicy and fresh flavor from raw cockles of Roon River will surely amaze you.

10. Tarpon Hotpot - "Lau Ca Khoai"

Not to be missed in Quang Binh is “Lau Ca Khoai” - Tarpon Hotpot hotpot. Tarpon Hotpot fish is carefully marinated. The broth is made of tomatoes, star fruits, mushrooms, sour tamarinds, fermented bamboo shoots and cabbage. The cook adds the fish right before serving. The hotpot is eaten with handful of herbs like cilantro, water dropwort and mustard greens.

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