Cake triangle circuit - the gift associated with famous flower in Ha Giang

Few people know the existence of a kind of bread bearing the name of flowers triangular circuit. So today let's learn about bread buckwheat delicious and nutty.

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When it comes to Ha Giang, you often think, naive to the flower field triangular circuit blossomed in the last months. But few people know the existence of a kind of bread bearing the name of flowers triangle circuits. So today let's get on with the Ha Giang to learn cake buckwheat delicious and nutty.

Source cake triangle circuit Ha Giang

In the days and months 11 – 12, land in Ha Giang is the occasion wearing a floral shirt, cute, shimmering, striking the region of the North East. Go to each season of tam giac mach flower in full bloom, those who travel far away again, “no appointment that met” in this piece of land. Ai Ai also captivates flower triangle circuit and who also love this flower.

Cake buckwheatTriangle circuit covering Ha Giang plateau. Photo:

buckwheat Flower is flower, rustic, casual, cute, with the unique colors of their own. Sometimes pure white, sometimes turning pink, tender and when back put on her colors brilliant red or purple dreams. Right from the first look you will be captivated, enraptured ago, beautiful flowers, this charming!

Cake buckwheatpink triangle circuit shimmering in the land of Ha Giang. Photo:

Not only the mountainous district of Ha Giang plant flowers triangular circuit that many other districts in the high mountain areas northwest also planted flowers kieu diem, this shimmering. But, only when you put your feet on the piece of land, Ha Giang, lost in the land of buckwheat flowers, you new be the occasion to admire the fulness of the beauty of flowers triangular circuit.

Cake buckwheatbuckwheat - buckwheat is rich in nutrients, good for health. Photo:

Many people often think buckwheat is just a flower species to attract tourists to Ha Giang to take photos, sightseeing. But few know that the triangle circuit also can become a raw material to make special cakes of this land. 

stage make a cake buckwheat delicious

To do cake buckwheat delicious so then also have to spend quite a lot of stages done. First, the grain buckwheat when new harvested have dried out enough and bring to grind by hand. When grind also have to be very carefully and meticulously until the seed triangle circuit smooth out the cake baked up new is not the pig texture. 

Cake buckwheatBread buckwheat bake. Photo:

the Dough after being kneaded and put into molds will be cooked in on the stove fire, steamed for about 30 minutes. The next stage is baking on a charcoal grill in 10 minutes as the cake will cook evenly. Today there was more cake buckwheat brittle to be longer, serving tourists buy as a gift.

Cake buckwheatCake triangle circuit has been baked stacked. Photo:

the Taste of the cake buckwheat

Cake buckwheat is soft, soft sponge, sweet, more chewing the more bui, wafting aroma own forest trees. The pie triangle circuit is arranged, each, all with the same color heart purple very impressive and attractive to the tourists away. Though not as high price as many items in other places but the triangle circuit are contributing to the development gastronomy, tourism and economy of the plateau.

Cake buckwheatCake buckwheat is soft, soft and spongy, sweet. Photo:

With cold weather on the plateau when visiting the highland market, you can see images of diners broth by the fire, waiting for cake is still hot, eat the same try to win.

Cake buckwheatpictures of people are for the oven to the cake triangle circuit. Photo:

boring piece of cake buckwheat feel little bit of pungent characteristic of forest trees, the buttery flavor of this cake. The pie triangle circuit are arranged in each stack, all with the same purple color full of or invites.

Cake buckwheatCake triangle circuit became final gift extremely attractive the customers. Photo:

Up into the high country on the first days of winter cold scenic Ha Giang fog, sip a piece of cake buckwheat which only recently united its longer bloom purple pink all over the hillside, nothing more interesting. You will see as feel all the little interesting of this place and feel get his soul seemed also deposited along with the landscape here.

Cake buckwheatCake triangle circuit is many tourists favorite. Photo:

Purchase cake triangle circuit Ha Giang now?

Cake triangle circuit is specialties is sold more at the highland market. A cake triangle circuit breaking big as 2 hands price is 10,000 – 15,000. You can buy the cake at a number of fairs such as:


– Bazaar district in the town of Tam Son: morning session Saturday 7.

– Bazaar-Coated Pliers: morning session Saturday 7.

Yen Minh District:

– Bazaar, mom: morning session Friday 6 weekly.

– Mau Due: Sunday morning session.

– Grace Coated: meeting Sunday morning.

Cake buckwheatCake triangle circuit Ha Giang is on sale at the highland market. Photo:

District Office:

– Bazaar center center town Council Office: Sunday morning session.

– Cities Report: meeting the Thin day and day of the Dog.

– Vice Board: meeting on the Horse and day of the Rat.

meo Vac District:

– central Market: Sunday morning session.

– Stitching Shoulder: meeting on the morning of October 2, 7, 12, 17,22, 27 (lunar calendar).

– Grace Tea: meeting Wednesday, 7.

Apart cake triangle circuit, at the this bazaar, you can also enjoy the delicious dishes of Ha Giang such as corn Wine, thang amaranth, try to win, au tau porridge, chinese sausage, sticky rice, five-color,...

If a every time that you travel, Ha Giang, do not forget to enjoy the typical dishes of this. Gift cake buckwheat is made by skillful hands of local people, there is the crystallization from nature in the land of the rocky mountains especially in Northern this.

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