Explore the City Report - valley pristine e village near Ha Giang stone plateau

Ha Giang not only has rice paddies nine ravishing the pass rugged but majestic...that it also has a city Report, pristine is e hamlet, in the heart of Dong Van stone plateau poetic.

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Ha Giang is not only the rice fields ripe ravishing the pass rugged but majestic...that it also has a city Report, pristine is e hamlet, in the heart of Dong Van stone plateau poetic.

Street Report now?

City Report is a valley in the upland areas of the North West district, Dong Van of Ha Giang province, only way to Dong Van stone plateau, less than 20 km and is located right on national highway 4C. City Foxes live in the age of technology advanced to the throne, but still retains features pristine, idyllic and serene, typical of mountain areas high mountain areas such as the years of the 30's.

City Report is a valley in the upland areas of the North West district, Dong Van of Ha Giang province. Photo: Old Cat

City Report in Office what's interesting?

Street Report is a destination not to be missed when visiting the era. Especially in the moment January 9, January 10, rice is browned flaming both earth and sky like this, after admiring the terraces planted wheat teemed from on top of the mountain vision down, you can wander on the small path winding around a cliff to learn the simple life of these gentle, plain to extraordinary.

City Report brings the beauty, unspoiled and romantic. Photo: phuot123

In City Report, ethnic Ass, accounted for more than 90% so that it can be considered as localities inhabited by people, so the cultural characteristics in this land imbued with the ethnic people. In addition to the Ass here also the other ethnic groups living together such as: ethnic Pussy, ethnic Han, Pu Peo ethnic group...

road leading to the City Report, Council Office. Photo: pinimg

unlike the villages in Sapa there are always tourists excitedly go to visit, in city Report more peaceful really, sometimes there are tourists or the travelers or the photographer visit.

City Report is not one of the popular destination, but so are the travelers and photographers favorite. Photo: 2cafe

The then curious to find out about life of the village where this part shall seek to conquer, but I want to retain the beautiful moment to beautiful for life. But whether anyone to Street Report for what purpose, it would most likely not be able to deny this place too quiet, too peaceful, too gentle, and most are too raw yet.

The idyllic moments of people's City Report. Photo: traveloka

the poetic Nature of a place said. What makes the beauty of the City Report that visitors can not help but fascinated as to where this and that is the flower field triangular circuit spanning the vast, winding around the hillside of the mountains.

The flower field triangular circuit stretches endless. Photo: blogphuot

Embrace in his bosom, the flower field triangular circuit enveloped the small house, located e hamlet, nestled in the slopes of the mountain to make a landscape painting, it's beautiful and poetic like fairytale. 

A little girl is playing on a front porch in the City Report. Photo: Mytour

architecture, the house unique in the City Report

The small house is located fall in between the valley of flowers triangular circuit that is called the house. Architecture make this house is also very unique, do have a very particular definition of the mong people in general and the City Report says private. 

the House is the unique architecture of the mong people in the City Report. Photo: vcdn-dulich

Here is the architecture of ancient house, has been circulated and preserved over hundreds of years with structures still unspoiled and traditional and is a pride of the City Report. The house market is structured in rectangles, there is a main door wide in the middle of the house, but no window but the winters warm and the summers are cool due to the house has a door, archway high above.

wild beauty and fresh of the houses where City Report. Photo: arttravel

The wall fence, walls are built up by the big rock take available from era on it, into each block very solid and solidly to be able to withstand disasters, unexpected weather pouring down villages and the high mountain areas this. 

beauty touched the heart of the house the wall when seen from above. Photo: dulichhagiang

About the durability of these homes is also the curiosity of how many architects, because for as long, experiencing the destruction of nature, then the stone house is more durable, glue paint.

smile in the healing of the baby the high Street Report. Photo: giaoducvietnam

although made from the raw material as simple as stone, the roof and the pillars in the house are made of wood, wall of the house with soil mixed with straw and there's even the two-storey house, but over the years, the architecture is still sustainable with time and it's as recreate a vivid picture of the past.

life of people City Report was quite poor, destitute. Photo: staticflickr3


Discover the market, the City Report bold ethnic identity in the Northern mountains,

To the City Report, you don't miss bazaar the city Report only meeting on the 7th day of the month. Market, often meeting in the early morning and tan bazaar at past noon, so if you want to admire a characteristic in cultural please take the trouble to get up early a little, dispel the fog and look to the bazaar crystal dream this.

Bazaar version usually meeting in the early morning and tan bazaar at past noon. Photo: vovdulich

unlike the market market Street Report also simple poor, but imbued the people. They are the people, come here to buy, sell or exchange the agricultural products less valuable by the hand of the diligent their hard plow hoe that out.

The simple life of the people of City Report. Photo: blogspot

But simple and not monotonous, the bazaar here is always filled with colorful, air-filled, fun. Here you can drink try to no say specialty corn wine of those who sell alcohol, if you don't buy they are also fun to laugh salute you.

However, life remains difficult, but on the lips of them never turn off the smile. Photo: kenhdulich

life of people today Cities Report

today, however, the village in the City Report was pulled grid on each house, but this land is still bold, wild, yet that salty that the cultural identity of the mong. These people mostly still living pig, cow, chicken, corn, buckwheat, hunted beasts in the forest...

The kitchen fire, warmth, ethnic, mountainous and high altitude areas. Photo: giaoduc

The sticky wall process still gather together under the yellow sun as dispel the frigid air of the peoples of the high and who was always sociable, warm.

context just fun and fresh bright colours of earth and sky made the mood of the traveller felt warm in my heart. Photo: flynow


what to Eat when to city Reports?

cuisines in the City Report in particular and Ha Giang in general is always one of the things that attract visitors. a travel Ha Giang, you don't miss out on the specialties of the mountains:

egg rolls: egg rolls are coated from rice flour and is served with broth simmered from the bones, sweet lu, so delicious and exotic.

Salad buffalo skin: this is a dish quite exotic and is characteristic of the land of the upland Ha Giang. Buffalo skin must be heated on the kitchen fire to remove the fur, then be scraped off the black leaving just the gold leather inside. Then be blanched in boiling water and it's thin. Then is the mix with the spices to make salad buffalo leather medium mouth.

Raspberry iridescence is one of the famous specialty of the City Report. Photo: foody

Raspberry iridescence: ethnic communities in Northern mountainous regions owns a culinary culture is extremely diverse and unique. In it, flung iridescence convergence is the value of the traditional meaning of the concept universe, the philosophy and the meaning of human beauty. Sticky rice with five-color has many colors: green, red, yellow, purple, white.

Enjoy the winning try in the market. Photo: phuhunglife

Thang: try to Win is a dish not to mention when it comes to Ha Giang. Dishes are made from the internal organs of the horse, the cow, the taste of the dish mountain, this forest would make you hard to forget.

Winning try was one of the dishes unforgettable taste best when traveling to Ha Giang. Photo: baodulich

in Addition, you can also enjoy other specialties such as porridge au tau, men men cakes buckwheat, win amaranth, moss grill, rice, Northern mexico...


The places other tours in Dong Van Street Report

culture: Was recognized as The global geoparks (GGN). This is the only one in Vietnam and 2nd in South East Asia. 

Dong Van karst plateau is one of the favorite destination of the backpack children. Photo: appletravel

Lung cu flagpole: is located on the top Valley at the altitude of 1,700 m above sea level. This is a small point on the border Vietnam - China.

mansion king Cat Vuong Chi: this mansion is located right on the valley on a block of high ground as the tortoise shell and is surrounded by a block of the mountain-shaped braceletg provides. This mansion has had nearly 100 years and with its unique architecture will be a interesting sights.

mansion king Cat Vuong Chi aged almost 100 years and with its unique architecture will be a interesting sights. Photo: dulichcanhdieu

ancient City Vice Table: You will admire the quaint house, with bold, mysterious. Here there are valleys planted roses are very beautiful in winter this place there is snow.

peace! Photo dulichagiang

there are also other locations such as: looking at the field planted buckwheat flower market, Ha Giang, pass ma pi Leng, Dong Van, Dong Van ancient town...

Ha Giang this season is very beautiful and poetic. If once coming to Ha Giang, you don't forget to visit City Report - a pristine land, located e hamlet, in the heart of Dong Van stone plateau to have more exciting experience.

Mai Loc - vinatravel.org

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