Find 6 dish noodle specialties in Ha Noi to 'students slurping' in the winter cold

Rice noodle with tofu & shrimp, vermicelli and snails, vermicelli, sprout, bun thang, bun bung... these are all noodle dishes, Hanoi specialties not only is a familiar dish of the people Of Hanoi, which also attracts tourists every time have a chance to visit the capital.

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rice Noodle with tofu & shrimp, vermicelli and snails, vermicelli, sprout, bun thang, bun bung... these are all noodle dishes, Hanoi specialties not only is a familiar dish of the people Of Hanoi, which also attracts tourists every time have a chance to visit the capital.

Bun oc

until now still no one know bun building has from where a number of people believe that this can be a dish of the country people live and peri-urban areas of yore, after this introduced to the capital. Long now, Hanoi still see the bun spiral is one of the favorite dishes, you can enjoy every day without getting tired of it.

To increase the appeal, noodle snail has now been processed into several different versions such as noodles, hot and cold, eat with sauce or chan. But there is a mandatory requirement as snail have tasty broth and sour standards unit.

noodle dishes specialities Hanoi
Specialty noodle snail. Photo:

Raw material of vermicelli and snails, no-frills, simply snail, fat, broth right in and taste, along with balsamic vinegar, enough to make a dish. Snails cooked noodles thoroughly selected and only the child to just be used on toughness and spices.

snail Bun hot will eat the same noodle tangle noodle with snail, cool going to use rice noodles leaves are most delicious. While enjoying many people often add chili distillation, shrimp sauce and served with vegetables. Many shops will give a few more side dishes like fried tofu, pork ear, pork meat to the user trap is sick.

noodle dishes specialities Hanoi
Enough of the intriguing ingredients of the noodle dishes snail. Photo:

snail Bun can price from 15,000 - 30,000.

bars, noodles, snail, delicious in Ha Noi

snail Bun, She Added - Address: 6 Bottle, votive, Perfect For Bun oc Ba Luong - Address: 195 Street, Khuong Thuong, Khuong Thuong, dong da, the Bun Shop snail Cool - Address: No. 17, lane 136, Tay Son, Quang Trung, dong da

Bun sprang

mention the noodle dishes specialities Hanoi it would be remiss to skip noodle dish grows. This dish appears to now have been around for half a century and become the breakfast dishes were exceedingly dear for the people of the capital. Many people believe that the name of this noodle dish is placed under the origin of it is the village that Grows, is now the Main, Ha Noi. But also there is an opinion that grows is the name of the student roll live served.

noodle dishes specialities Hanoi
Bun grows Ha Noi. Photo:

Members grow from spring live fine grind, the request must delicious tasting standard unit. To noodle dishes grows more attractive, more shops also to add the material into pellets that grow like mushrooms, mince. This dish can be served along mosquito nets, bamboo shoots, pork ribs, chicken, crab... but whatever the case, the water used must also be pure and sweet. Before serving, you sprinkle a little green onion and parsley, pepper, vinegar peppers to help noodle dish more flavor.

noodle dishes specialities Hanoi
Bowl of noodles sprang to his feet, rolls. Photo:

Vermicelli grow cost about 20,000 - 40,000.

The noodle shops springing delicious in Ha Noi

the bun Shop, sunrise, vertical nets - Address: 16 hang ga, hang Bo, Hoan Kiem noodle shops Springing - Address: 57 Bank Strategy, Bank Code, Hoan Kiem Noodle shops Springing Bao Khanh Old - Address: 77 Nam Ngu street, Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem

Bun thang

"Ladder" in the sense of Han is up, bun thang can be understood simply as noodle dishes are the chan up. Broth of bun thang always guaranteed to be in and elegant sweet flavor thanks to its security from the shrimp, the pork bone or can be replaced by chicken bones. Name bun thang is derived from the form arranging ingredients in the bowl of noodles similar to the administering of the medicine.

noodle dishes specialities Hanoi
Bun thang Ha Noi. Photo:

food is love, thanks to combine multiple raw materials as attractive as vermicelli, chicken, fried egg, pork luncheon, mushrooms, shrimp, shrimp, eggs, salt... each one is rated separately into a bowl to create the form of very eye-catching. However, at the top bun thang is now no longer used oil, tomato stem, a seasoning indispensable to create the characteristic flavour of this dish. When eating, diners will eat with the smell of the ship, laksa leaves, vinegar, garlic, chilli, pepper, onion and a little shrimp sauce.

noodle dishes specialities Hanoi
Bun thang is a combination of many different ingredients. Photo:

Each bowl of bun thang is sold at a price of 30,000 - 50,000.

The consistency of bun thang in Ha Noi

the Bun Shop Ladders - Address: 25, Lane hang hanh, hang trong, Hoan Kiem. Bun Thang - Flung 29 hang hanh street - Address: 29, Lane hang hanh, hang trong, Hoan Kiem Quan Bun Thang Ha Noi - Address: 29 Ngo thi Nham, Hai Ba Trung


Bun bung

One of the noodle dishes specialities Hanoi the original, the oldest, not to mention the bun bung. No one knows exactly this dish advent when, but starting from the 1990s, noodle dishes bung appeared in the pavement capital. The broth of the bun bung is stewed from pork bone noodle is blanched over boiling water, then scoop out a bowl at the same time with the other raw materials.

noodle dishes specialities Hanoi
Bun bung. Photo:

this noodle Dish can be eaten with vermicelli noodles tangled or bun leaves are, there is more pork leg lean meat or pork ribs, give up a little vertical nets and tomatoes. Own with artificial meat, people will seasoned technology and security up, just tender meat than that which the eyes. Water bung will be slightly opaque, has a sour taste from me, above the scum layer, red from tomatoes, stir-fry, and technology. In addition to nets along the porous, some bars also for more grows, quail eggs, spring rolls to noodle bowl, add the attractive look is to eat right.

noodle dishes specialities Hanoi
Hanoi Specialty noodle dish sprung. Photo:

BĂșn bung is priced from vnd30, 000. You can easily find this dish at the noodle restaurant ribs, vermicelli grows.

The noodle shops sprung delicious in Ha Noi

Vermicelli Sprung Pair of Nail Shanks - Address: 77 Chua Lang, Lang Thuong, dong da, Bun Bung, Minh - Address: Truong Chinh, Nga tu so, dong da Bun Bung colocasia gigantea - Address: 57 Le Duan Street, Van Mieu, dong da

Noodle soup

although not derived from Ha Noi but noodle soup has long been a favorite dish of people in the capital. Since ancient times, in the peri-urban areas field, the immense, immense should crab nature here is very strong meat, sweet brick, bring dish of noodle soup incredibly delicious. Gradually, this dish is brought into the city in order to satisfy the needs of the people. Noodle soup has its taste should often be favored at the new year's day to fight boredom.

noodle dishes specialities Hanoi
Vermicelli with crab soup. Photo:

A bowl of noodle soup when the new birth only a mere noodle tangle-free and water crab instead teeming with the raw material of rib, meat, pork ears, tofu, youtiao as it is today. Water use standards to ensure a sweet and bold taste, crab pieces tiles colors golden beautiful eyes, not being mealy.

A number of, a distillation crab with onion, lard and gac to create a fleshy and beautiful iridescent color eye for broth. In addition, the noodle soup like delicious, they must add vinegar suddenly when to eat to create sweet and sour disinfection, reduce fishy smell of crab and create the bars cool for broth.

noodle dishes specialities Hanoi
Kid crab vermicelli soup with beans. Photo:

In Ha Noi, each bowl of noodle soup sold for about $ 15,000, if there full rolls, meat, snails, beans, it will up to 40,000.

The consistency of noodle soup, delicious in Ha Noi

Consistency of Noodle Soup, Crab Stick, Pink - Address: 42 Hoa Code, Ngo thi Nham, Hai Ba Trung Noodle soup Restaurant Strategy - Address: 14, Bank Strategy, Bank Code, Hoan Kiem crab Vermicelli soup with Rows of Silver - Address: 11 hang bac, Hoan Kiem

bean Vermicelli with shrimp sauce

noodle Dishes specialities Hanoi next you should not ignore when you get a chance visit the capital which is rice noodles with sweet soy sauce shrimp. Familiar dish of the people Of Hanoi at any time of day, morning - noon - afternoon - evening, from the luxurious restaurants to cafes, sidewalk, lane, alley can encounter the street vendors selling rice noodles with sweet soy sauce shrimp.

rice Noodles with sweet soy sauce shrimp. Photo: vntrip.vnrice Noodles with sweet soy sauce shrimp. Photo:

To have a mixed bean vermicelli with attractive requires the chef to have experience and sophistication. Tofu fried to be golden crispy on the outside, but inside, in the soft. The important part is the shrimp sauce is taking requests is the best make up condiment go perfect and that's the shrimp sauce Thanh Hoa.

Each bowl of shrimp sauce to drizzle little bit of oil fried, thin slice of lemon and of course there is the peppers. Yet, the bowl of fish sauce, shrimp will be whisk until the compare back and floating foam, the new true tone. When eating noodles with sweet soy sauce shrimp people will add vegetables, marjoram, perilla up on to make the dish more attractive. If you want you can call add patties, nuggets, sausage meat, sausage, fried... served with or combined all together.

noodle dishes specialities Hanoi
rice Noodles with sweet soy sauce shrimp Hanoi specialty. Photo:

The consistency of vermicelli rice noodles with sweet soy sauce shrimp delicious in Ha Noi

the Bun Shop Bean Angle Multi - Address: 4 Brick Lane, Every Sail, Hoan Kiem bean Vermicelli with shrimp sauce (street food) - Address: 1 input food Using C, Literature, the Pile of Multi-Cuisine Noodle with Tofu, Chinese Incense - Address: 49 Lane, Ba-Loc, Row, Sail, Hoan Kiem

With the noodle dishes specialities Hanoi the above was enough for you to crave yet? If you have a chance visit the capital, you should take the time to enjoy all the noodle dishes this famous. 

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