Latitude of 6 – coffee shop from recycled, 'beautiful strange' in the heart of Da Lat

Latitude of 6 – shop coffee from the food recycling offers a beauty “strange,” rustic and casual the middle of a “forest coffee” sweet, romantic style in the land of thousand flowers.

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Latitude of 6 – shop coffee from the food recycling offers a beauty “strange,” rustic and casual the middle of a “forest coffee” sweet, romantic style in the land of thousand flowers.

Latitude of 6 now on the map of Da Lat?

Drink coffee in Da Lat does not seem to be an active “refreshments” merely, it is a travel experience that anyone would like to try while in the city of fog. In no time, fresh cold air and the mist john amun, who also want to find a small corner warm to sip a cup of hot coffee or enjoy a little sweet tea for the soul warm again.

tiệm cà phê từ đồ tái chế
The number 6 is located on the Van Thanh Cam Ly waterfall is only 1 km. Photo: FB Latitude of 6

Perhaps because of the elegant pleasures of this that Da Lat has hundreds of cafes springing up, with enough classic style, sweet, cute, or chic. But, if one day you feel bored in front of these shops seem pretty close to the same. Then come to the Latitude of 6 – a coffee shop from recycled, located at no. 27, road universal City, ward 5, Da Lat city.

tiệm cà phê từ đồ tái chế
This place totally separate from the busy streets outside. Photo: FB Latitude of 6

Right from the name, this cafe has created a difference compared to the other shops in the city of flowers. Not a name to call the English style, daydreaming, nor is name-style word game or trend. That is a name that sounds slightly local storage, slightly history a little bit. That is also the reason that small shop is not easily confused with hundreds of coffee shops in other regions.

tiệm cà phê từ đồ tái chế
Space is filled with dew, soon ago shop. Photo: FB Latitude of 6

Cafes from the old recycling center is just about few km, located on the go flower village Van Thanh and only by Cam Ly waterfall 1 km. It is therefore not too difficult to find your way to here. Any time of the day is early morning fogging or sunset lounging, you can visit the Latitude of 6 drink coffee, sightseeing.

Beauty “strangeness” of the coffee shop from recycled

If as many nice cafes in Da Lat are other building styles, Korean, Japanese, European with wide range of decorative accessories polished then the number 6 pick for her rustic, casual.

Even the simple beauty he is formed from the objects no longer in use. Folk is referred to as “bottles”, is the old left. However, by the refinement and aesthetic appeal, separate a little of the bar has turned this place into a coffee shop, beautiful strange.

tiệm cà phê từ đồ tái chế
Lanterns sewn from fabric. Photo: FB Latitude of 6

When traveling to Da Lat, many tourists would expect to enjoy coffee, drinks in a living space virtual sweet to check in beautiful. But in the Latitude of 6 is a corner virtual life other funny, more interesting.

Approximately 80% interior decor accessories in the shop are secondhand to be repair, recycling. From table, chairs, flower pots... until the curtains, all of which are collected, categorized and arranged for most look.

tiệm cà phê từ đồ tái chế
The combination of the recycled materials make up the small corner, beautiful, rustic, simple. Photo: FB Latitude of 6

Perhaps, the beauty of coffee shop from recycled, is not in a home are how certain, no sweet romance, not polished, lavish,... But the rustic, clean and stylish, the bar was easy “occupies the hearts” of customers from the first visit.

Things seemed “out of time” as need tore, bamboo blinds, basketry,... is that clear and appropriate arrangements, turning an old space skills become more cozy really.

tiệm cà phê từ đồ tái chế
A small corner couch tho between city fog-wandering. Photo: FB Latitude of 6

Can sit here sipping coffee, looking at very carefully the furniture in the restaurant, you see all the beauty strange expression in each cell door, curtain. She said, each fabric panels, sewing curtains, sewing pillow are calculated, read things thoroughly to not have to remove away the excess fabric.

All decorating materials for the shop are to be cherish because to understand that is behind the manufacturing process elaborately, if the waste will affect the environment. The Latitude of 6 used recycling to construct a space coffee small also to reduce somewhat the burden of waste for Da Lat beautiful.

tiệm cà phê từ đồ tái chế
To the menu is also written in chalk awfully simple. Photo: FB Latitude of 6

Latitude of 6 – “spiritual child” of the girl Ha Thanh

Before appearance, a coffee shop from the recyclingarea, this is a piece of abandoned land – where people used pigs, aviary.

But since being renovated and construction should be a small cafe, this place become an ideal place to scenic pine forests, Da Lat, to drop into the background sky and clouds, peaceful, cool blue.

tiệm cà phê từ đồ tái chế
Menu friendly health of the Latitude of 6. Photo: FB Latitude of 6

The owner of the capital is a Hanoi's girl bring a passion for the beauty of the city fog. After half a year living and working here, she was the partner of his build should be the number 6. Not only utensils, furniture in the shop is recycled to protect the environment, which in consistency also limits the maximum use of plastic or disposable material.

tiệm cà phê từ đồ tái chế
The ideal space to drink tea, sightseeing. Photo: FB Latitude of 6

Beautiful cafe in Da Lat, this beautiful air faded heart that beautiful stranger thanks to the combination of improvisation that graceful. This place is nothing more in addition to a non-quiet, secluded streets and more reo fry identify each as drafts. If you visit bars in the evening, diners can organize BBQ to enjoy the romantic moment most of the same friends.

tiệm cà phê từ đồ tái chế
Romantic atmosphere at night in the bar. Photo: FB Latitude of 6

Drinks of the restaurant is also rustic, casual as the beauty outside, mainly is the menu good for health, is brewed from the tea. Stork tea lavender sweet grass, tea cloth, mint tea, Rosemary, cinnamon,... If you like milk tea, coffee service, tea, milk made from nuts, low-fat, low in sugar with a sweet, fragrant, mild, not like the dishes milk tea traditional.

tiệm cà phê từ đồ tái chế
Peace comes from the simplest things. Photo: FB Latitude of 6

Coffee in Da Lat there are many, dozens, hundreds of bars popular with space virtual life makes people passionate. But if one day it is not at all interested in photography check in, you can spend a little time to visit the Latitude of 6. That is where you have just been sightseeing, drink some tea, fragrant medium is returned to the initial value yet, rustic best.

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