Mooc spring - 'Place first sight' beautiful surprised in the heart of Quang Binh

Travel to Quang Binh where only the Phong Nha cave, Son Doong cave, Paradise cave, which even impressed visitors with Mooc spring is one of the scenic beautiful and is such as mirror giant between green forest to attract visitors.

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Quang Binh, where only the Phong Nha cave, Son Doong cave, Paradise cave, which even impressed visitors with Mooc spring is one of the scenic beautiful and is such as mirror giant among green forests attract tourists.

Spring  Some now?

Mooc Spring, the center of Dong Hoi city about 7 km, in the district of bo Trach, Quang Binh. Spring water  Some have an area of approximately 90m2, this particular stream that is to be "springing" up from the ground is a rare phenomenon that scientists still have not explained. Not only possesses natural beauty, rarity, springs,  , Mooc is also the ideal place to relax. 

Suoi nuoc Mooc
Mooc Spring, the center of Dong Hoi city. Photo:


travel Mooc spring when beautiful?

Mooc Spring season is beautiful, guests can go on any time of the year. However, the most ideal time to travel, Mooc spring is from September 3 to June 5. At this time the weather is cool, pleasant, suitable for the fun activities, attractions and hot springs.

Should avoid going on time from month 6 to month 8, because at this time in Quang Binh the hot sun and often appears the rains to. From September 9 to September 11 is the rainy season you should also not go at this time. 

Suoi nuoc Mooc
stunning scenery. Photo:


instructions on how to move to streams, Mooc 

first, you need to move to Quang Binh by many different means such as aircraft, passenger car or motorbike depending on the location comes. When to Dong Hoi city to travel to the area, Mooc spring the you go towards the Ho Chi Minh road towards North for about 60km, when you see the fork Slot of Gad -> go West follow the instruction to Mooc spring.  

ticket Price springs, Mooc

admission Ticket visit: adults and children from 1.3 m and above: 80.000 vnd/ticket. Children under 1.3 m are free tickets.
Ticket service package: 180.000 vnd/tickets/for adults. Fares include service, hot springs, sit in Kayaks and rescue service, jump game, um, life jackets, oars. Children: 100,000 vnd/turn.

in Addition, you can buy each type of ticket services own if not, join all games, works here. Tickets Kayaking 50,000 vnd/turn, hire life jackets 10,000 vnd/turn.

Suoi nuoc Mooc
Mooc Spring, Quang Binh. Photo:


enjoyable experience in the travel, Mooc spring

When entering the port of eco-tourism, Mooc spring you will be overwhelmed by the natural scenery beautiful, with the rocky cliffs are covered with the green of the trees, the forest giant trees, space, unspoiled nature with bold high mountains and enjoy the stream fresh with many exciting activities. 

Suoi nuoc Mooc
A lot of games attractive. Photo:

To explore Mooc spring, the first you should visit the primeval forest here with fauna, rich with many different categories.

Suoi nuoc Mooc
unleash entertainment. Photo:


Suoi nuoc Mooc
kayaking. Photo:

besides, it's also attractive because of forest orchids blossoming brilliant, you can walk sightseeing. Space become more beautiful with the appearance of the fluttering butterflies, the flowers are blooming, all create a vivid picture has both static and dynamic. 

Suoi nuoc Mooc
landscapes nature fresh. Photo:

Once you experience the primeval forest at Mooc spring the you join many fun activities, entertainment, attractions here such as fishing, racing, swimming, Kayaking... on the streams in blue. All the games in Mooc spring are charged separately, however also not too expensive, just spend a little expenses are you have trip full of fun.

Suoi nuoc Mooc
unleash entertainment at Mooc Spring. Photo:
Suoi nuoc Mooc
Check-in live virtual at  Mooc spring. Photo:

If you have time, you can combine sightseeing locations near eco-tourism area suoi Mooc as: Beach football, Dancing, Phong Nha ke Bang national park Paradise cave... 

Suoi nuoc Mooc
Mooc Spring attract young people in Quang Binh. Photo:


Eat and drink what's in the eco streams, Mooc?

The travel Mooc spring, there is no restaurant, food delicious and the price is quite expensive. So, you should bring ready-to-eat and drinking water as going for a picnic. If not, bring food you can get to areas, Dong Hoi city to enjoy the special dishes of Quang Binh such as: Bread soup with snakehead fish, potato cake, cake flour, cake ruffles... 

Suoi nuoc MoocCarry food and drink because Mooc spring no more shops. Photo:


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