Sweet heart ago the pink of the flower message cherry Hue

When months 3 knocks on the door, spring flower message cherry Hue back in full bloom, covered with a pink, sweet, pristine up the scenery of the National school of Hue and the route the of the capital.

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When months 3 knocks on the door, spring flower message cherry Hue back in full bloom, covered with a pink, sweet, pristine up the scenery of the National school of Hue and the route the of the capital.

Winter flowers message cherry month 3

Can say that year 3 is month has the most beautiful flower in Vietnam. Along strip of land shaped like the letter S from the South to the North, you will encounter numerous species of beautiful flowers blooming. There are colors of white flowers, flowers, milk, coffee flower. There is red color of flowers, rice on the slopes of a high hill. And there's even the pink of the flower message cherry Hue.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
Winter flowers message cherries takes place at the end of month 2 to month 3 every year. Photo: Facebook the National School of Hue

Every month 3 on, the back is stained pink by a species of wings, small, cute titled message cherry. Flowers usually bloom much at the National school of Hue and on the route of the inner city, attract tourists to sightseeing, photography.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
Colors felt flowers, pink color for painting Hue add the poetic sections. Photo: anawesomeworld_vnkn

This year, because of the influence of disease should the number of tourists to Hue also decline. But not so that visitors ignore the beauty too tender of flower, felt phon hong this.

Beauty sweet message cherry Hue

United message cherry also known as united park tomorrow, a species of trees which are grown in Japan. Every year, when the weather turns to winter cold, the tree will fall, leafless.

When she spring to the well is when the trees bud, bouncing loc. So when month 3 just skimming through, the flowers start tender breeze, color, color pink, tender covering all of the sun.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
This flower originated from Japan. Photo: Zing

Is also a type of flowers have pink characteristic, the but message cherry owns a pastel pink gentle, not too dark like colors Japanese cherry blossom or peach varieties I of Vietnam. It is distinctive, how should charm whisper of flowers year 3 this.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế In Vietnam, flowers are cultivated in Hue, especially the National school of Hue. Photo: VOV

The corner of the Hue or the campus of National schools in the united message, cherries become more loving, more dreamy than. Hue at this time is more lyrical, as beautiful as the love songs, beyond time.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
Colorful sweet roses, covered the small entrance in the market. Photo: Vov

Characteristics of the united message cherry Hue as the tree has foliage quite wide, blooming flowers will be in clusters. Each flower small, neatly arranged together, make up the inflorescences dense to rise up in the sun. Not only looks beautiful, lethargy heart that this flower also has the gentle aroma, faint fly in the wind.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
Message cherry "dyed red," the corner of the hallway in school. Photo: Zing

With fragile petals, a small tilt in the wind, less anyone think that the message the cherry is tree species are resistant to extremely good. The roots of plants usually grow quite fast and strong, spreading and adhesion chop into the soil to absorb nutrients. Even when growing in adverse conditions, it still has the ability to grow and for flowers more, flowers blooming beauty.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
Message cherry also known as united park tomorrow. Photo: VOV

Maybe because looks riveting, plus nature, diligent, easy to grow, easy to care for should message, cherry is considered as a species of ornamental plants. People planted spies cherries in the works, the urban landscape, in gardens, in parks or in the school. In poetic Hue, Quoc hoc high school is viewed as “the capital of the message cherry” with the high trees, big blossoms celebrated every January 3.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
This flower is also grown in many routes, the inner city of Hue. Photo: Tree green Germany Loc

Walking legs at the National school of Hue in the late spring days full of sunshine, you will encounter the trees message cherry blossoms covered. A pink in the morning, pure are covered up the branches of trees, point rental for the space school more the peaceful, graceful. Every gust of wind glided through the petals fly guy description and peaceful touch to the ground, ending a day-long string of blooming beauty for a lifetime.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
Beauty, fragility, tenderness of the inflorescences in the air dreaming of the. Photo: thefuongbulous

The school yard, now suddenly become more romantic with a thousand petals fall off the trees, lying thick on the ground. Result is a scene very poetry, poetry as kimchi, poems such as land of the sunrise every cherry blossom season brilliant bloom.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
Hard not to have the photos taken in the romantic autumn season message cherry flaunted. Photo: luffosten

Ago sweet beauty of colorful message cherry Hue, who could do nothing have you don't want to take a few shots to celebrate with flowers, pink, charming, cute. Go travel to Hue this season, in addition to visit the famous destinations you can visit with the National school of Hue to see the message, cherries, take a nice picture of the species of this particular flower is.


The address ohanami message cherry

Winter flowers message cherry Hue usually lasts from the end of year 2 to mid year 3. So, this is the time of colorful flowers are brilliant bloom, suitable to travel Hue, just look at the flowers, just enjoy the scenery and the lyricism of Hue in the late spring.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
You can reach the National School of Hue for flower photography message cherries. Photo: xii.ayy

In addition to National school of Hue, tourists can enjoy, and check in the same season the united message cherry in the center, the path along the Perfume river, especially online, Le Loi street.

With pink natural gentle, tender, sweet, floral messages you dig up the most beautiful picture in the day blue sky, white clouds, golden sunshine. Therefore, you should prioritize shooting flowers in the morning or lunch, avoid taking photos in the afternoon or when the sky was murky, cloudy, john entrance. Lack of light will make this flower lost beauty natural radiance.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
Rose petals, sweet loss all over the school yard. Photo: galaxy145

Tourists who want to take pictures at the National school of Hue, you should learn about the time school is open visiting to ensure maximum safety in the situation the country is implementing the prevention measures translate Covid-19.

điệp anh đào xứ Huế
Colors, beautiful flowers, radiant in the morning sunshine. Photo: _ca.caa_

Poetic Hue, fluted all seasons of the year. But when month 3 of winter flowers message cherry brilliant bloom as the point car for painting capital more the poetic charm. Have Hue this season, don't forget to prepare beautiful dresses to capture a few photo memories of the same colors roses graceful.

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