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Da Lat is always a resort destination ideal by many tourists. Besides the beautiful space with forest trees flowers leaves then the specialties of Da Lat attractions are also very many tourists choose to buy as a gift every chance to land this beautiful material.

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Da Lat is always a resort destination ideal by many tourists. Besides the beautiful space with forest trees flowers leaves then the specialties of Da Lat attractions are also very many tourists choose to buy as a gift every chance to land this beautiful material.

Strawberries in Da Lat

Anyone know Da Lat is the land of strawberries, these strawberry stretch berry is delicious and beautiful. In Da Lat there are services picking strawberries directly in the garden, with a variety of strawberries from New Zealand, France, Japan, was cultivated by many different methods, to help you just have the enjoyable experience that can, buy just the fruit that I like the. Precisely because of this that cheap strawberry picking in the garden are usually a lot higher than the price you purchased at the dealer or Dalat market.

đặc sản Đà LạtThe strawberry ripe. Photo:

- Price:

+ Strawberry in garden: vnd100, 000 – vnd300, 000/kg

+ Strawberries at the market: 80,000 vnd – 120,000 vnd/kg

đặc sản Đà LạtGuests are picked directly in the garden. Photo:

- Location reference:

+ Garden Strawberries for sale hydroponic premium Van Thanh, Da Lat.

+ Company Bio Fresh Da Lat.

+ Strawberry garden in Dalat 162 Holy, Ward 7, Da Lat.

+ Garden of mr. Nguyen Lam Thanh 46 Phu street, Ward 7, Da Lat.

Hong Da Lat

Pink from very long has become a specialty of Da Lat which can't lack of many tourists when coming here. Pink season in washington usually begins from February 7 to April 11 every year. Today, in addition to hong brittle, pink nine people, Da Lat also pink dry to store food year-round.

Dried persimmon is dried from when the acrid and yellow nursery, after a time, pieces pink soft, gradually wither and turn to color the cockroach eat will taste sweet bold. Enjoy this fruit along with a cup of hot tea is fun elegant.

đặc sản Đà LạtFresh roses in Da Lat. Photo: hanh_phan

In addition to drying, dry rose crafts, the people of Da Lat lately also been guided technology hong hang drying wind. Hong hang Da lat has the yellow, red, outside hard, inside soft sweet nectar. The sweet, fragrant.

đặc sản Đà LạtHong hang Da Lat. Photo:

- Price:

+ Red berries fresh: 35,000 – 50,000 vnd/ kg

+ Hong hang Da Lat: 140,000 vnd to 180,000 vnd/ package/ 500 grams

- Location reference:

+ Da Lat Market.

+ Base production red hook - the road to Khe Sanh, Da Lat.

+ Pink Action Station - number 007/1 road Station, Action Station social Action, Da Lat.


Artichoke is a medicinal plant originated from the mediterranean, the French were brought into cultivation in Vietnam for hundreds of years now. With the advantages of climate, Da Lat has become the most suitable place to plant artichoke and give birth to the tea leaves, delicious, nutritious best quality.

đặc sản Đà LạtThe artichokes big round. Photo:

Delicious taste and beneficial for health, lowering cholesterol and urea in the blood through bile cure diseases of the liver, kidney. Tea, artichoke is always one of the first choice in the list of the dishes gifts to buy when traveling to Da Lat 's visitors.

đặc sản Đà LạtArtichoke brings a lot of benefits. Photo:

- Price: 120,000 – 150,000 vnd/kg fresh flowers.

- Location reference:

+ Da Lat Market.

Jam Da Lat

From the tubers, the fruit, the people of Da Lat have processed out a lot of jam in Da Lat enough different colors and flavors such as jam, yam, flexible, jam, pink, flexible, strawberry jam, jam, kiwi jam, roses... and a dozen kinds of jam other.

Jam in Dalat fresh, not too sweet, very easy to eat. Not only new year, which these days often, just drop by the Dalat market is you can also buy okay.

đặc sản Đà LạtThe jam is sold in Dalat market. Photo:

- Location reference:

+ Da Lat Market.

+ City oven jam: located on the phu Dong Thien Vuong, Mai Anh Dao, the atomic Force.


Thanks to own the garden of mulberry large, Dalat people make use this fruit to processing the wine. Not the same with any one type of wine from France, wine Da Lat is the crystallized essence in the specialty is mulberry and recipe wine have 1 not 2. The beam mulberry berries water, brought to a dark, twisted roll back tiny but very tasty wine, wine for the warm, elegant, sweet, mild, pleasant.

đặc sản Đà LạtWine is made from the mulberry berries ripe berries. Photo:

Although the list is wine, but because of using raw materials in place, the price of the wine, Da Lat is quite cheap, maybe you will be surprised if know the price of them. You also consider buying them at these prestigious addresses, with such new guaranteed origin and quality as well as price money.

đặc sản Đà LạtTaste incredibly delicious. Photo:

- Price: 80,000 vnd – 200,000 vnd/ 1 liter, depending on the red wine or white wine.

- Location reference:

+ Headquarters plant vang Dalat: No. 31, Ngo Van so, Da Lat.

+ Showroom Vang Dalat 03 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Da Lat.

+ Showroom vang Vinh Tien 01 Le Hong Phong, Da Lat.

Da Lat Flower

Referring to Da Lat is referring to the kingdom of flowers. This place favored by nature endowed for wonderful climate to the plants and flowers can blooming. Must when thinking what to buy when going to Da Lat, then make sure that the flowers all fresh, would be the first answer in the beginning of the visitors. Each species of flowers in Da Lat, themselves carry a story and meaning different: a little e village for her new familiar, a little brilliant for those days love each other passionately, little bit of nostalgia by trip distance,...

đặc sản Đà LạtBrilliant colors. Photo:

Not only fresh flowers to Da Lat, you can even buy the aged dried flowers are finely crafted, deftly and subtly brought about decorating working room or living room of the family. Flowers dry easily transported than fresh flowers, again be able to use be long should be the best choice.

đặc sản Đà LạtThe stems of dried flowers are a way ingenious. Photo:

- Location reference:

+ Da Lat Market.

+ Showroom fresh flowers, Dalat Hasfarm 1, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Da Lat.

+ Langbiang Farm 42 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Da Lat.

+ JSC BIOTECHNOLOGY, Dalat flower Forest 7A/1 Mai Anh Dao, Da Lat.

+ Base dried flowers Ming 04 Ho Tung Mau Da Lat.

On this is the specialty Da Lat, gifts are the most popular that travelers usually choose. Wish you have travel it's fun and meaningful.

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